Why Joe

The Radabaugh story is the La Cañada story....

“We came for the schools…..we stay for the community!”

Why Vote for Joe Radabaugh for La Canada School Board? 

I am running for School Board because, like you, I care deeply about the future of our kids and our community.  Sustained success cannot be guaranteed without a School Board that effectively helps the District plan for the future, navigates unforeseen issues, and relentlessly pursues continuous improvement.

The role of the School Board is to be a “bridge” between the community and the District Administration.  As a long-time corporate executive and involved father, I believe that I have the right blend of community perspective, leadership mindset and relevant skills to be an effective member of our School Board.

Community Perspective:   Being La Cañada residents for over ten years, and parents of a 4th and 6th grader, my wife and I fully appreciate “the La Cañada Difference” and the critical role our schools play.

Leadership Mindset:  I am passionate about serving our community and serve in a leadership capacity in range of community  organizations (e.g. LCF Educational Foundation Board Member, La Cañada Baseball GM/Coach, Cub Scout Leader, and more).

Relevant Skills: I have twenty-seven years of leadership experience and proven results within a large global corporation, experience that has equipped me with a broad range of applicable skills (e.g. strategic planning, budget management and resource allocation, contract negotiations, hiring and retaining talent, project management, leading change, and more).

As an LCUSD board member, I will work hard on keeping our schools and community GREAT for years to come

  • Put “students first”.....Always ask “how does this decision benefit/impact our students?”
  • Better prepare our kids for the future.....Go beyond just academics
  • Recruit and retain the best teachers and staff.....Empower and enable the experts
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility and stay within our means.....Seek solutions that stabilize funding sources

Furthermore, as a board member, I will relentlessly pursue progress, but not for progress sake.  I will support actions with a clear purpose and benefit, but only after the impact on our District’s precious resources (e.g. budget, people, facilities, etc.) is fully understood. 

Lastly, as a board member, I will leverage my skills and deep community perspective to strengthen the collaboration between the board, teachers, and the community.

  • Mandate transparency.....Foster a culture of trust
  • Routinely seek and consider a broad range and type of input.....Go beyond periodic surveys
  • Communicate “before the fact” not “after the fact”.....Give people lead-time to properly engage
  • Embrace a range of communication approaches.....One way doesn’t fit all